drawing Felicity Llewelyn-Hodgson

Mrs Llewelyn-Hodgson

Mrs Llewelyn-Hodgson is our Principal.

Nicola Redwood

Mrs Redwood

Mrs Redwood is our Vice Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead. She also leads Inclusion / SEND across the school.

Gemma Holiian

Mrs Holian

Mrs Holian is our Vice Principal and Leads Curriculum, Writing and PP across the School.


Miss Redfern

Mrs Redfern is our Year 1 Teacher.

Miss Quinton

Miss Quinton

Miss Quinton is our Phase 1 Lead, one of our Year 2 Teachers and Art, Design & Technology Lead.


Mrs Kupai

Mrs Kupai is our PPA Teacher and Music Lead.

Miss McDonald

Miss McDonald is our Reception Teacher and subject lead for PE and sport across the school.

Kay Drayton

Miss Drayton

Miss Drayton is our Year 3 teacher and leads Science across the school.

Rhys Marles

Mr Marles

Mr Marles teaches in Year 6; he also leads on Geography and History across the school.

Miss Codling

Miss Codling

Miss Codling teaches Year 5, is our Key Stage 2 Lead and also leads on Computing across the school.

Amy Tupman

Miss Tupman

Miss Tupman is our Y4 Teacher and leads Maths across the school.

Julia Pimenta

Miss Pimenta

Miss Pimenta is one our Year 2 Teachers and also RE Lead.

Gemma Davies

Ms Davies

Ms Davies is our Reading Recovery Teacher and leads Phonics, Reading & PSHE  across the school.

Sarah Cartiledge

Mrs Cartlidge

Mrs Cartlidge leads French across the school.