The School Day

We offer Breakfast Club from 8.10 am each day. See here for more information

School start and finish times

The main gate opens at 8:30am so that families can wait for the internal gate to open at 8:40am. Families can then move around the outside of the school so that children are outside of their classroom for an 8:45am start. Registers close at 8:55am which is when the main gate closes and families are then asked to go to the office where we will mark them in on the registers. This helps us to ensure the safety of all children.

The school day ends at 3:15pm. Gates open at 3:05pm for families to walk around the outside of the school and wait outside classrooms. Class teachers will then dismiss children from the classrooms.

Children playing outside

PE Days

Children are to continue to wear their PE kit to school when they have PE. This has worked really well and has meant that the children have longer sessions.

8.10am Breakfast Club opens
Classroom doors open 8:45am, registers close at 8:55am.


To ensure school starts promptly if you arrive after the gates have been shut at am please bring your child to the office to sign them in.


Morning lessons in reading, English, Maths and phonics (Reception and KS1) and spelling (KS2)

The morning is punctuated by 15 minute break when the children can play outside and an assembly each day.

12:30 pm Lunch is served in our school hall where classes come in across the lunchtime to have their food, otherwise, they are playing outside on the playground and courts.
1:30 pm Afternoon lessons include PE, science, PSHE, history, geography, RE, music, art, design technology, computing and French.
3:15pm End of school day. After school clubs start

Signing children in and out during the school day

Parents should come to the office if children are brought late to school or picked up early (e.g. for unavoidable appointments). The office will then sign the children in or out so our fire records are up to date.

Parents in school (entry to school site and signing in)

If you visit school between the hours of 8:55am and 3:05 pm, please come to the school office so that we can help your with your query and we can sign you in if needed.

Travel to and from school

We encourage walking to school as a healthy option where possible. If families are driving, we ask that parents and carers to do so with consideration for the local residents and also those families that walk, cycle and scoot to school.

Parking – Our school car park is for staff use only. Please ensure that you are parking safely around the school allowing other families to cross the road safely. There is a turning bay which needs to remain clear so that vehicles can turn in it. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Road Safety

Please be aware that YOU are responsible for the safety of the children in your care coming on to and off the school site. If your child is allowed to walk, scoot or ride a bike to and / or from school unaccompanied please ensure you have completed a permission slip. We would encourage families to walk the route with their child to familiarise them with crossings and areas where they need to be particularly careful on their journey

Assemblies and Collective Worship

As a school in Britain, we are required by law to have a daily act of worship/thought for the day.

Assemblies are planned over the course of each term and will follow broad themes including our values and any local, national or international days or events that are relevant. Each week, we have a celebration assembly where the House Points from the previous week are shared and certificates awarded across the school for children demonstrating core values and learning dimensions.

Bringing Things In From Home

Toys – We do not allow toys in school.

Phones – It is suggested that having a mobile phone is something that is left for secondary school. If your child travels to school independently and you feel they need to have a phone of their own, then it must be switched off during the school day and kept in the school office. Phones may not be used during the day (including taking photographs) without the express permission of their teacher. Please discuss with class teachers before allowing your child to bring their phone into school so that we are all aware and can help ensure that it is stored safely during the day.