Ethos & Values

At the heart of Cabot Primary School is a belief that school is a place where everybody feels valued and respected. Everyone is proud of their personal achievements and the achievement of the school.

We believe that school must be a welcoming and caring place for all. We recognise that children, families, staff and the local community all must work in partnership for our children to achieve their full potential.

We have a commitment to providing our children with a quality education that is broad, balanced, challenging and fun. We believe in setting high expectations in all areas of school life to ensure that children have the opportunity to do their best, where all are inspired and encouraged to have high expectations.

By creating a safe and secure learning environment, we believe that our children are motivated to discover their talents, develop their interests and have the self confidence to become successful lifelong learners.

children playing lego
Ethos and Values

We aim to develop the following key characteristics in our children:

Our School Values:

  • Partnership
  • Inclusion
  • Excellence

Successful Learning Dispositions:

  • Critical Curiosity
  • Working Together
  • Strategic Awareness
  • Making Connections
  • Resilience
  • Changing and Learning
  • Creativity

At Cabot Primary School we believe that it is essential for everybody to create a caring, supportive, positive culture and environment for all. Children and adults thrive in a calm and purposeful learning community that respects and values every individual. We believe strongly that an emotionally literate school with a clear, ethos, culture and policy of positive behaviour management helps support the social and emotional aspects of learning and behaviour patterns of our children and staff.

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  • To create an enriched emotionally literate environment that is safe and secure.
  • To create calm and purposeful learning environments where children can learn with confidence.
  • To foster and maintain respect for ourselves and others, our culture and backgrounds, well-being and property.
  • To encourage all children to take responsibility for their own choices, develop self discipline, self-control and independence.
  • To celebrate diversity, promote inclusion and enhance positive relationships in school.
  • To enhance the quality of the learning and teaching through positive behaviour management and equality of access.
  • To encourage children to reach their full potential by recognising their achievements and scaffolding their learning.
  • To work with the extended school’s partnership to support the community by offering access to a wide range of services and activities.
  • To work in partnership with parents through effective communication to establish high expectation of behaviour and celebrate achievements.