Who are Ofsted and what do they do?

Cabot Primary School  had an Ofsted inspection on 22nd November 2018. The Ofsted inspector reported that, “This school continues to be good.”

We are so proud of the hard work that goes on at Cabot every day.  Our staff, governors and parents work in partnership together to provide our children with the best learning opportunities possible.  Our pupils are good learners and speak proudly of their school.  We are pleased to have our efforts validated by Ofsted.

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“The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. The Principal and all staff are fully committed to ensure that all pupils and their families are supported effectively.”

child using highlighter
child and member of staff looking at there work

“School staff ensure that systems and procedures reflect the latest government guidance on safeguarding. As soon as visitors enter the school, the strong emphasis on safeguarding is clear for all to see. School staff fully understand their responsibilities to keep pupils safe. Parents believe their child is safe at school. Pupils say that they are happy in school and that there is ‘always someone to go to if we have worries’. The school’s curriculum ensures that pupils learn how to keep themselves safe.”

“Extra support for pupils’ early reading skills is effective. By the time pupils leave Year 2, most pupils use their phonics knowledge accurately to decode unfamiliar words. In addition, teachers ensure that pupils can read key words and apply those words in their writing. Leaders have invested heavily in reading resources and staff training. Teachers’ emphasis on ensuring that pupils understand what they read is a key focus across a wide range of subjects.”

children listening to teacher reading book outside.
children watching the teacher but ingredients into the pot.

“Small cohorts and the absence of information about some pupils’ previous attainment means that published attainment and progress measures do not accurately reflect pupils’ progress in the school. Inspection evidence confirms that pupils make good progress during their time at Cabot Primary School. Teaching instils a strong desire in pupils to achieve.”

“The school is led with an infectious desire for improvement. Staff and pupils enjoy coming to school and appreciate the help and support they receive. Parents and carers value the lengths leaders, teachers and support staff go to put them at ease. They appreciate the many ways staff keep them informed about their child’s progress.”

children writing
children learning about weights and sclaes

“The school’s curriculum is rich in experiences which motivate pupils to concentrate well and support them to build their knowledge effectively. Teachers encourage pupils to play their part and develop the attributes they need to make a valuable contribution to society.”


Information about our school’s performance from parents’ perspective can be found on Parent View. This is an Ofsted site which collates the views of parents and can be found here.

If you have children at our school please do update your views annually; we appreciate your feedback which helps us with our evaluations and plans for the future.